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Forget everything you know about printed Fantasy Guide! You're bored about summer prediction that are not anymore right before the beginning of the season? Get the Hudon-Hockey Fantasy Guide and enjoy the evoltutives predictions! Let see what you get with the Fantasy Guide and pivilege Access: 

  • NHL Fantasy Guide including the 31 teams review and a 500 + players predictions ( Up tu date until the beginning of the season )

  • Regular season and Playoffs NHL Fantasy Guide ( Download and online)

  • Detailed Players predictions list  ( Download )

  • The Master players predictions list that compare those of Hudon-Hockey and other Fantasy sites. It's an all in one!         ( Download )

  • Prediction using the "simplified" advanced stats that are the most important for your Fantasy NHL

  • Real time injuried players list

  • Find witch player you should trade and witch one you should acquire with the monthly evolutive boards

  • Fantasy news and NHL news

  • And much more!


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« The best fantasy hockey fans dont make emotional choices...                                                                   ... they select their players with their head »

An anonymous heartless but victorious

What does the purchase of the Fantasy Guide include?

By subscribing, you will have access to the Members privilege access, tu the complete Fantasy Guide in downloadable format, to the detailed players prediction and the Master players predictions list, predictive information based on the most relevant advanced statistics for your fantasy, a blog to exchange with other poolers and much more!

What are the "simplified" advanced statistics?

This is statistical data intended to predict the production of a player or a team, whether in terms of possession of the puck, the ability to convert a shot into a goal, the luck factor, the hight risk shots saves, etc. They become simplified in the guide because we only focus on the elements that will be useful for your fantasy hockey.

How much to buy the Fantasy Guide?

For only $ 9.99, you have access to all the information for 1 regular season. For $ 12.99, you will also have access to the playoffs zone... Much more profitable than a magazine expired at the beginning of the season!

Is the Website accessible via tablet or cell phone?

Yes, the site is optimized to b use on all of these platforms.

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